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A More In-Depth Look at Denture Care

Caring for dentures requires the same care as cleaning real teeth. That is because plaque and food can stick to them as they do to natural teeth. Without proper denture care, plaque can build up, increasing your risk of developing bad breath or, even worse—gum disease.

Cleburne Dental Studio, a tried-and-true dental office, is here to provide the information you need if you require a tip or two to avoid such unfavorable outcomes! Please be guided by the following list of appropriate denture care practices:

  • After eating, take out your dentures and wash them afterward:
    Run water over your dentures to eliminate food particles and other loose particles. Filling the sink with water is also helpful so your dentures won’t break if you drop them.
  • Do not go a day without brushing your dentures:
    Daily gently cleaning your dentures is highly recommended. This is to remove food, plaque, and other deposits. It is imperative to clean the grooves that fit against your gums if you use denture adhesive.
  • Remember to soak your dentures overnight:
    Most dentures require moisture to maintain their form. To achieve so, you may place your dentures in water or a gentle denture-soaking solution overnight.

Would you like to know more information, such as getting a dental implant or how to prevent dental problems? We would be more than happy to cater to your needs.

You may also access with us high-quality pediatric dentistry in Cleburne, Texas!

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