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Common Myths About Braces, Busted!

Many individuals with misaligned or crooked teeth are fearful of having to wear braces. There are numerous myths and misconceptions concerning braces, including the application process, aftercare, and daily life with braces in general. With that in mind, Cleburne Dental Studio, a dental clinic in Cleburne, Texas, will dispel a few popular braces fallacies in this article.

Myth #1: Your teeth will remain straight indefinitely without any additional treatment or care.
While braces intend to straighten your teeth, you must be committed to ongoing care even after they’ve been removed. After they’re removed, your dentist will fit your teeth for a retainer that you will most likely have to wear at night for the rest of your life. You’ll need to take extra care to keep your permanent or semi-permanent retainers clean to avoid plaque accumulation.

Myth #2: The application method is excruciatingly painful and unpleasant.
You may feel some little discomfort when the braces are put on since you must hold your mouth wide open for an extended time, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. If you experience pain at any stage throughout the process, it could be due to overly sensitive teeth, and you should notify your dentist immediately.

Myth #3: Braces are the only dental treatment for misaligned teeth.
You now have various additional treatment choices, thanks to recent technological breakthroughs in the dentistry business. Invisalign, veneers, tooth recontouring, and dental implant to fill in lacking teeth.

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