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Dispelling Myths about Children’s Dental Health

People believe that because milk teeth fall off after a few years, it is unnecessary to care for a child’s oral health. They are unaware that milk teeth provide the groundwork for lifelong dental health. The majority of dental abnormalities and oral infections occur throughout childhood, and if these dental defects are repaired or prevented promptly, severe tooth infections are avoided. 

Cleburne Dental Studio will debunk a few kids’ dental myths and explain why it is essential to care for an infant’s teeth.

  • Myth 1: Teeth Cleaning Isn’t Necessary During the Teething Stage
    If you don’t clean your child’s teeth when they are young, plaque will build up on their teeth, leading to cavities and tooth rot. Clean the teeth using a clean, damp towel at first, and then begin brushing the child’s teeth when they have a set of baby teeth.
  • Myth 2: Develop Dental Hygiene Habits Later When They Grow Up
    Teach children the correct way to brush their teeth so they can maintain the practice for the rest of their lives. If you neglect their dental hygiene, they will develop the same bad behavior and avoid adequate oral hygiene for the rest of their lives.
  • Myth #3: Children’s Cavities Don’t Require Treatment
    Tooth decay must be pulled if the cavities are not treated. Premature tooth removal creates a gap, causing surrounding baby teeth to shift. Because the placeholders did not finish their purpose, there is insufficient space when the permanent teeth begin to grow. This results in adult tooth crowding, as well as other dental abnormalities such as malocclusion.

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