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Signs You Need a Dental Implant

Chipped teeth, infected teeth, deteriorating jawbone, or difficulty chewing? Each one of these can impact your appearance and overall comfort. But, one does not need to keep suffering from this. A dental implant can be the solution you need.

Dental implants can be a great long-term solution for a problematic tooth or teeth. But, if you need more convincing, here are the signs it may be the solution for you.

  • Chipped teeth
    Trauma to the teeth can be caused by different events, and the appearance takes away the beauty of the tooth. A severely chipped or damaged tooth situation can be improved with an implant that matches the rest of the teeth.
  • Infected teeth
    Infection can be extremely painful and inconvenient and may infect the remaining teeth. Get hold of the situation by getting the bad one out and replacing it with an implant that looks like the rest.
  • Jawbone deterioration
    Did you know that a missing tooth can cause your jawbone to recede and deteriorate over time? An implant can help the person maintain the bone structure as the space is filled in.

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